Vanibel Estate, Guadeloupe

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Vanibel Estate

Guadeloupe Island is the oldest region in the Western Hemisphere growing coffee today. In 1723, Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu, a young French Naval officer, fell in love with the exquisite taste of coffee - then a newly discovered beverage in Europe.

Mr. de Clieu then took a risk and exposed himself to many perils in order to take a coffee plant from the Royal Botany Garden in Paris to the the Island of Martinique in the Caribbean, as he thought the climate of the Caribbean was ideal for producing excellent quality coffee. The coffee was then introduced to Guadeloupe in 1726 by Mr de Clieu, who became Governor of Guadeloupe Island in 1728. This 100% Arabica Typica coffee is a direct descendant of the strain of coffee introduced by Mr. de Clieu to Guadeloupe in 1726. It has genetically remained completely and absolutely 'pure', meaning that you will enjoy the very same 'cup' as the one Mr de Clieu fell in love with 300 years ago!

The Vanibel Estate coffee is grown at 350 meters of altitude, it is shade grown (mostly banana trees), hand-picked, hand-sorted, sun-dried and naturally processed.

The cup is unique – with exceptionally mild acidity, body and aroma, and many mixed floral overtones.

Our high quality resealable bags have an exceptionally strong oxygen barrier which preserves the freshness of the coffee impeccably. A one-way valve allows the Co2 produced from roasting to 'gas off' slowly, enabling the coffee to be packaged shortly thereafter, capturing and preserving the coffees unique flavours for many weeks.

We recommend grinding and drinking roasted whole beans within 2 to 5 months after packaging, and within 2 weeks after opening. Coffee beans which have already been ground are best consumed within 1 or 2 months after packaging, and within 1 week after opening.

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