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The Peaberry bean is a natural occurring variation of a normal coffee bean. Typically, a coffee cherry produces two mirror-image seeds which when separated constitute two coffee beans.  However, around 5% of coffee seeds are formed as a single unit, in effect fused together as a single coffee “Peaberry” bean. These beans tend to be much smaller and consequently are more concentrated in their flavour profile. Once you discover your favourite coffee, you may want to try the Peaberry variant, as you may even prefer it to the same flatberry variant. Sea Island offers the world’s largest selection of rare and exotic coffees and increasingly a large number of them in the Peaberry variant. If you are new to Peaberry, please consider our Peaberry Gift Set as a starting point 


One of the ancient Ethiopian wild coffees, geisha coffee is a very popular and exceptionally fine varietal characterised by a soft, delicate profile and quietly complex aromatics.  Panama has taken the lead in developing geisha coffees and Panamanian geisha is world-renowned.  The most famous is Hacienda La Esmeralda whose very best coffees typically command exceptionally high prices at auction.  We also offer the Hartmann and Carmen estates in Panama as well as the Coffea Diversa Estate’s geisha from Costa Rica.  In both Panaman and Costa Rica, the geisha beans are grown in rich volcanic soil at very high altitudes with near constant trade winds from both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean providing a unique micro-climate extraordinarily well-suited to the geisha coffee plants. 

Decaffeinated - Roasted Coffee

Our decaffeinated coffees are SWISS WATER® Processed using pure water which gently removes the caffeine from the beans. The process is 100% chemical free, environmentally friendly and the coffee becomes 99.9% caffeine free. The beauty of this process is that the characteristics of the coffee remains even after it has been decaffeinated. 

Special Offers

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Our gift sets pair some of the world’s rarest and finest coffees and offer a unique gift option for any occasion. These gift sets are exquisitely packaged into our beautiful Sea Island Coffee tins which are then placed inside our elegant signature matte black boxes and finished with satin white ribbon. 

Roasted Coffee

Our coffees are roasted in 1 kg batches to insure maximum freshness and are Medium roasted unless specified otherwise. 

For orders of 1 kg or more, you may select special roasting options at an additional charge of £10: Light, Light-Medium, Medium-Dark and Dark.

Green Coffee

To wholesalers, micro-roasters and home roasters, we offer all our coffees green (raw).

Green (raw) coffee is sold at a 50% discount to the roasted price.

London Retail Shop

We now ship our coffees to over 70 countries internationally and we wish to invite all our esteemed clients from around the world to visit our new exotic coffee retail shop located at 164 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London SW5 0BA. Here you will find over 50 of the world’s rarest and most valuable coffees and a staff who are passionately devoted to our wonderful coffees. If you are just beginning your journey of coffee appreciation, please note that our coffees are best enjoyed black – no milk and no sugar – as they are naturally sweet with no bitter aftertaste. These beautifully delicate and intensely flavorful coffees are best prepared by gently brewing in a cafetiere for 4 or 5 minutes. Simple, but exquisite. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the world’s finest coffees.