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The Pitcairn Islands
Developing Coffee on Pitcairn

The climatic conditions and volcanic soil on Pitcairn are exceptional and unusually good for growing high-quality coffee. Coffee is not new to Pitcairn - the original coffee trees are essentially wild, having been left largely unattended for over 200 years. The islanders have always harvested small artisanal amounts for their own consumption, but recently a vanguard of residents and overseas supporters, keen to halt the decline of Pitcairn, have identified the potential for coffee production to boost Pitcairn’s private sector and attract new people to the island.

Sea Island is part of a project to help Pitcairn develop their small coffee industry, improving production and fine-tuning their processing techniques, with the aim of creating employment opportunities and attracting new residents to the island. A few years ago, a nursery was established and approximately 400 new coffee trees were planted, and a small amount have now been exported to Sea Island Coffee. As these trees continue to mature, they will help to boost production. Even in the project's infancy, the quality of Pitcairn’s coffee is already superb, and the aim is to turn Pitcairn’s coffee production into a viable and sustainable industry.

The Pitcairn Islands
History of Pitcairn Island

The Pitcairn Islands, the last of the United Kingdom’s territories in the Pacific Ocean, comprise four tiny volcanic islands of which only one is inhabited - Pitcairn. The island is home to the descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers led by Christian Fletcher in 1789, and the Tahitians who accompanied them. The history of Pitcairn and the HMS Bounty Mutiny has been immortalised in a number of books and movies, including one starring Marlon Brando as Christian Fletcher.

With a population of only 50 people from 9 families, the island is notable for being the least populated and most remote jurisdiction in the world. Pitcairn is accessible only once a month via a supply boat from Gambier Island in French Polynesia to the chief settlement of Adamstown, and prior to gaining internet access in 2002, the people of Pitcairn had very limited contact with the outside world. The lack of development and declining population as islanders emigrate to New Zealand has become an ongoing problem for the future of Pitcairn and its ageing residents.

The Pitcairn Islands
Coffee Characteristics

Probably our rarest coffee yet, we are exceptionally proud to be the sole coffee company working with Pitcairn. The entire production of this natural processed coffee is done by hand with meticulous care, resulting in a splendid coffee with a clean, sweet acidity, a cup redolent of hazelnuts and chocolate, and a juicy plum-like aftertaste. This is a fabulously unique coffee and, with perseverance and sustained development, we believe this coffee could eventually even rival St Helena - which is generally considered by many to be the best coffee in the world.

Tasting notes: Principal notes of hazelnut, chocolate, tobacco, and caramel, finished with hints of honey and plum.

Gift Wrapping

All our roasted coffee varieties can be purchased gift wrapped - simply add the coffee to your cart and select the gift wrapping option for an extra £6.50 at checkout.

Gift wrapped coffee comes exquisitely packaged in our signature matte black boxes and finished with satin white ribbon - the perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Our high quality resealable bags have an exceptionally strong oxygen barrier which preserves the freshness of the coffee impeccably. A one-way valve allows the Co2 produced from roasting to 'gas off' slowly, enabling the coffee to be packaged shortly thereafter, capturing and preserving the coffees unique flavours for many weeks.

We recommend grinding and drinking roasted whole beans within 2 to 5 months after packaging, and within 2 weeks after opening. Coffee beans which have already been ground are best consumed within 1 or 2 months after packaging, and within 1 week after opening.

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