Environment & Ethics – Sea Island Coffee

Environment & Ethics


ln the last year, the team at Sea lsland Coffee has grown significantly and our offices, production and fulfillment facility have been increased in size by nearly 200%.

We are pleased to say, however, that our energy consumption has actually decreased compared to the same period last year.

We are committed to continue to invest in energy saving.



Our approach to waste centers around the four R's:. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Coffee can be made and drunk, and even enjoyed on the go, without the need for waste. We offer a range of products specifically targeted at the discerning drinker who hates waste as much as we do.

We are constantly working with innovators in coffee packaging and hope to see some exciting developments here this year.



Great beans can only shine if they are brewed with pure water that contains the right balance of minerals.

We focus on the products we use, and recommend to others, in order to minimise the impact of our waste water. We are also committed to continue to invest in efficient water use to minimise water wastage.



Coffee can only be considered great if it is grown with respect for people and planet. Many of the single estates and co-operatives from which we source are organic and fair trade certified whilst others are working with RFA and Utz.

Most importantly, however, with all the growers we work with, we require evidence that the agricultural methods employed are built on a long term commitment to sustainable ethical production.

For other products, we favour UK manufacturers who are using certified raw materials and sustainable production methods.
We expect all suppliers to have a clearly stated environment policy and a commitment to taking a sustainable holistic approach to people and planet.



Our coffees come from origins that are both far away and exotic, but the relationships we have with those we source from are close and personal. Some travel, including air travel, will always be essential.

In the last year through a concerted drive to utilise all of the technology available we have reduced our travel miles by 45%, again despite our growing team, broader than ever offer of extraodinary coffee and continually growing sales.



We are passionate about Kopi Luwak and other 100% wild sourced animal coffees. To see why, and what we are doing about the cruel and unnecessary practice of caging, please click here.