Blogger Review of Sea Island Coffee's Nepal Everest Supreme Coffee

Blogger Review of Sea Island Coffee's Nepal Everest Supreme Coffee

From The Tea Times Blog:

The Organic Mount Everest Supreme from Sea Island Coffee is grown on just 100 hectares and is the only coffee estate in the Himalayas. This extremely exotic coffee has a very mild acidity with almost tea-like features, with hints of jasmine and vanilla balanced with a cocoa sensation.

The plantation was founded in the 1990s at the foothills of the Himalayas along the banks of the snow-fed Trisuli River, about 75km north of Kathmandu. The shade-grown coffee trees originate from Papua New Guinea and, when harvested, the berries are wet-processed with water from the Himalayan River and then sun-dried to produce a distinctive taste.

The taste adventure

On first opening the packet, the immediate scent of cocoa is instantly recognisable, with an overall strong yet charming aroma. I was instantly excited and knew I was in for something special.

Once brewed (in my le Xpress 8 cup cafetiere), the body from this little number is a true delight on the taste buds. Hints of pepper and ginger can be felt riding through, with a rather distinctive buttery popcorn aftertaste.

Despite the exceptional taste, what I liked most about this coffee was its origins. It’s grown 730m above sea level and, while sipping away, I felt myself transported to the foothills of the Himalayas, looking up at the impossible. It made me feel like I was on an adventure. Clever marketing maybe … but it certainly works!

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