Coffea Diversa Gift Set

Coffea Diversa Gift Set

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Coffea Diversa Estate

High in the mountains of Costa Rica, the famous Coffea Diversa Estate boasts over 200 botanical coffee varietals & cultivars. Home to the largest private coffee varietal collection in the world, the Coffea Diversa coffee garden allows the beans to grow in the confluence of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean climates, a rare phenomenon that has a superb effect on the taste profile of its coffees.

This gift set includes 6 exotic varietals: Dudduka, Pink Honey, Rume Sudan, Guadeloupe Longberry, Mokka and Venecia. Ideal as a gift for those who want to explore a range of rare and exclusive coffee bean varieties.

Dudduka Natural: 

A wild coffee variety that originated in South Western Ethiopia, characterized by a tall statured plant, long internodes in the branch, and wide spacing of leaf buds that make this a very low-yielding varietal. Naturally processed by sun drying before pulping.

Taste profile: Delicate, sweet tangerine aroma and citric acidity. Floral and caramel undertones in a prolonged aftertaste.

Maragogype 928 Pink Honey: 

The Maragopype 928 is a natural variation of Arabica Typica discovered in the town of Maragopype, Brazil in 1870. It is a very tall plant with large, bold beans. The '928' is yet a further variation on conventional Maragopype due to its very wide branch and leaf bud spacing which allows one to see right through the plant. This particular 928 varietal has pink cherries (rather than red) a natural mutation occurring at Coffea Diversa’s high altitude plantation in Costa Rica. Highly susceptible to coffee leaf rust and extremely low-yielding. Honey processed. 

Taste profile: Sweet and fruity aroma, velvety body, high tangerine acidity. Great balance with hints of apricot and peach.

Montecristo Yellow:

The Montecristo varietal is a legendary coffee – a natural cross between Bourbon and Typica varieties originating in Costa Rica in the 1930s. Yellow cherries with medium-sized beans that are slightly larger than Bourbon beans and slightly smaller than Typica beans. The most common type of Costa Rican coffee between 1940 and 1970, it was completely replaced by Caturra and Catuai cultivars in the 1970s due to its extremely low yield. Grown today at Coffea Diversa as part of a preservation project. Anaerobic natural processed.

Taste profile: The aroma is sweet, crisp, understated and complex. Medium body with soft mouthfeel. Complex variety of flavours: flowery lavender, lemon, tart berry, raisin, aromatic wood - though none dominate.

Guadeloupe Longberry: 

The oldest and purest strain of Arabica Typica is the Guadeloupe, which has been cultivated in the Caribbean since the 1700s.  The longberry is a natural mutation of the Guadeloupe Typica. A medium yielding plant. Honey processed.

Taste profile: A deep, sweet aroma, pronounced velvety body, floral jasmine undertones, and bright tangerine highlights.


The Mokka bean is a natural mutation of the Bourbon bean which originated in Reunion Island. The beans are very small and round in shape. 

Taste profile: Sweet and fruity aroma, velvety body, delicate but assertive. Great balance with hints of apricot and peach.

Venecia Honey: 

Discovered in the village of Venecia, northwestern Costa Rica, well apart from any other coffee growing regions, the origins of this coffee are a mystery and DNA analysis does not clearly identify it as a variation of Typica, Caturra, or any other varietal. Honey processed. 

Taste profile: A very bright, intense, lively, green apple acidity with deep exotic fruit aromas. Smooth body with lovely long pleasant aftertaste.

Gift Wrapping

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