UNROASTED - White Camel Sanani, Yemen
White Camel Sanani Estate Yemen Coffee
White Camel Sanani, Yemen - Green Bean-Sea Island Coffee
UNROASTED - White Camel Sanani, Yemen

UNROASTED - White Camel Sanani, Yemen

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White Camel Sanani

An important and integral part of coffee’s history, Yemen is the origin of the term ‘Coffea Arabica’, which takes its name from 'Qahwa Arabiyah' (Arabic Coffee), and was the first country in the world to grow coffee commercially - all the way back in the 1300's. Today, most of the coffee grown in Yemen consists of ancient heirloom varietals of Arabica coffee that originally came from Ethiopia and are not grown anywhere else in the world, creating coffees that are unique in taste profile to Yemen.

Sea Island has carefully sourced the very best Yemeni coffees produced under the famous 'White Camel' brand by Ahmed Alhamdani. Due to the lack of rain in this region the coffee plantations need to be irrigated, but the dry air does have the benefit of creating a very small and extremely hard coffee bean. Ismaili produces tiny, rounded beans which resemble split peas. Sanani describes a mixture of coffees from several regions west of Sana’a.

The cup profile is typically more balanced, less acidic, and less complex than the Mattari, Ismaili, or Haraz Mocha.

Green coffee beans

For micro-roasters, wholesalers, and home roasters, all our coffee varieties are available as green (raw) unroasted beans. Green coffee beans almost never expire. For larger wholesale orders, please contact us via our wholesale page.

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