Frequently Asked Questions – Sea Island Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my coffee?

Once you open your coffee, we recommend storing it in an airtight container and keeping it in cool place – but not the refrigerator or freezer. Most importantly, coffee should be consumed within 1 week of opening if ground and within 2 weeks of opening if whole bean

Should I use boiling water when brewing coffee?

It is recommended to use water “just off the boil”, so best to wait 30 seconds before pouring. The ideal water temperature is 92 - 96 degrees Centigrade

Are your coffees Fairtrade?

Most of our coffees are not certified Fairtrade as the raw prices of our coffees are many times higher than Fairtrade standards would require, consequently, the prices paid to farmers, pickers and processors is correspondingly much higher than Fairtrade standards in almost all instances.

When are your beans roasted?

Our coffees are roasted in 1kg batches as needed to ensure that our customers always receive the freshest possible coffee. Orders over 1kg can be roasted to order as well.

Do you sell instant coffee?

We do not presently carry any instant.

Do you sell decaf coffee?

Currently, we offer both Guatemala and Colombia decaffeinated coffee. Both are processed with the Swiss Water Decaf process.

Where can I buy your coffee?

All our coffees are available to buy through our website, and in our exotic coffee retail shop located at 164 Old Brompton Road, Kensington, SW5 0BA.

What grind should I get if I have a Mokka Pot?

For the best results we would suggest ordering a Turkish/stove pot grind.

How much ground coffee should I use for a cup of coffee?

We recommend using 8g of coffee for a single espresso (14g for double), for cafetiere/filter use 6g of coffee per 6oz.

How many servings is in one bag of coffee?

A bag of 125g coffee will make approximately twenty 6oz cups of coffee.