wild aracari toucan sitting in a tree
coffee pickers at Coffea Diversa estate picking coffee cherries
Wild aracari toucan eating a coffee cherry
Landscape view of the Coffea Diversa coffee farm in Costa Rica

UNROASTED - Wild Toucan Geisha, Costa Rica

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Sea Island Coffee is proud to offer the world’s first 'Toucan Coffee'. Exclusively supplied to us by the magnificent Coffea Diversa estate in Costa Rica, where wild, fiery-billed aracari toucan birds (known locally as 'cusingo') inhabit the tropical forest and feast on only the very ripest coffee cherries. Interestingly, at the Coffea Diversa estate, where hundreds of rare coffee varietals are grown, the toucans are especially fond of the cherries produced by the Geisha and Bourbon Pointu plants.

This particular species of toucan is native to the southern region of Costa Rica. During the harvesting season they feed on fully ripe coffee cherries, skilfully removing the cherry skin (red pulp) with their bills, and then swallowing only the coffee bean, covered with sweet, sticky mucilage. The coffee beans go through the toucan’s digestive system, and are then deposited in neat silver piles, after which they are collected by the farm workers, cleaned, dried, processed, and allowed to rest for several weeks to ensure uniform moisture content.

Both the Geisha and the Bourbon Pointu maintain their cupping attributes, but in both cases the body of the 'Toucan Processed Coffee' is heavier than in the conventional Washed Processed for these varieties. The taste attributes are similar but more intense, i.e., the floral of the Geisha is more pronounced and so is the caramelly taste in the Bourbon Pointu.

Tasting notes: Full bodied and fruity, very smooth, with tropical floral overtones.

Wild aracari toucan in Costa Rica sitting in a tree
Aracari toucan sitting on a tree in Costa Rica
Green coffee beans

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