California: An Unusual Speciality Coffee Emerges

California: An Unusual Speciality Coffee Emerges

After discovering that sub-tropical plants could thrive in the Golden State of California, Jay Ruskey, agronomist and pioneer, from Good Land Organics, turned his hand to a new crop – coffee.

Despite sitting 18 degrees north of the tropics, low elevation and almost no rain, Good Land Organics has quickly dispelled any notion that you can’t grow good coffee outside the Tropics. This certified-organic farm produces a unique coffee that is unlike no other and has placed California firmly on the speciality coffee radar.

With the goal of making ‘Southern California the next speciality coffee capital of the world’ – this new premium coffee is already scoring top marks in taste tests. Scoring a very respectable 91/100 from Coffee Review – this ‘exceptional coffee’ has tasting notes of ‘brown sugar, cashew, orange, cherry, a hint of lily-like flowers in aroma and cup.’ It is complex and classically sweet.

As speciality coffee swells in popularity, people are willing to pay for something truly unusual and rare. With this being the only coffee to be produced by Mainland USA, this unusual cup offers just that.

These Bourbon Arabica coffee beans are grown against a panoramic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, nestled into the hills above Santa Barbara County. The coffee plants thrive amongst other subtropical and exotic fruits, such as cherimoya and dragon fruit and have avocado trees for partial shade. Blessed with near continuous Californian sun and cooled by Pacific Ocean breezes, this organically certified (CCOF) Californian coffee is a triumph of coffee production. 

With very limited production, great attention is lavished on the production and processing of every kilogram of coffee. This exclusivity, combined with its organic certification and the excellent cupping scores it has received, this is a coffee not to be missed.

So why not try one of the rarest coffees in the world today?

 Estate name:  Good Land Organics of Frinj Coffee, Inc
Owner: Jay Ruskey 
Year of Foundation: 1990, Coffee planted in 2002
Variety: Bourbon
Drying method: Dried on trays, in shade
Shade: Partial shade under avocados
Certification: Organically Cerified by CCOF


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