Well Done to the Maui Grown Coffee Company

Well Done to the Maui Grown Coffee Company

We are delighted to hear that Maui Grown Coffee, which produces our Sea Island Maui Mokka coffee, is winding down on another successful harvest season, and the company president is bullish on the future.

“It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since the first coffee field trials were conducted in the state of Hawaii,” said Kimo Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee.

He attributed the success to the varietal approach to coffee, innovative coffee growing and processing methods and a strong demand locally and nationally for the company products.

Working with the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources in 1988, Pioneer Mill participated in field trial experimentation with more than 23 coffee varietals in different test plots throughout the major Hawaiian Islands.

As a result of this trial, four coffee Arabica varietals were found to be the best match for the growing conditions in West Maui – Caturra, Catuai, Typica and Mokka. All four varietals were planted; it was “cutting edge” at the time to plant multiple varieties on a farm, Falconer said.  “Much like fine wine being distinguished by varietals, so too gourmet coffee is offering the consumer many cup profiles from a single coffee estate.”

In the Autumn of 2012, Maui Mokka was chosen by Starbucks Coffee to be included in its Starbucks Reserve Coffee product line, as well as being served in select Starbucks Clover stores. We wish Kimo and the Maui Grown Coffee Company all the best!

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